Redirecting Worry

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Redirecting Worry

It’s easy to spin – to freak out – about nothing at all. Once we start we can create all sorts of unreal dramas, conflicts with everyone from our supervisor at work to the mail man, potential scenarios that will maim and disfigure those we love. (Any mother will attest to the pit in her stomach that churns into panic as she “invents” possible disasters that might attack her children.)

It’s not that worry, fear and doubt are wrong, but that they are a misdirected expression of our energy, a mental miscue about what is happening around us. The key is to redirect that fear energy into something real, something productive, something that demonstrates the truth of what is happening.

Imagine the capability of that mental energy if it were not swirling around and around all over itself in the form of worry! It’s not just worry that distorts our energy flow – addictions, perceived jealousies, threats – all are mental examples of trapped, misdirected power. To fall prey to them is to become locked in a cycle of error.

Fear is the error; love is all that is real – all there is. To operate from a state love instead of fear is to allow our energy to morph, to flow with the movement of the life around us. When we do that, we are truly free.


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